Top tips for toddler holiday packing; 1. A muslin swaddle. That’s it.

Oh man, HOW many blogs and google searches did I do pre holiday to try and work out what we would need to take for 10 days away?  Loads, too many, far too many hours wasted worrying.

Actually, the one thing I did pack that I actually used in multiple ways was a good old muslin.  An enormous swaddly muslin which did all of the following….

  • A brilliant pillow in the car on the way to the airport (the toddler, not me – I was too busy googling local weather reports to sleep…. please don’t let it rain, please don’t let it rain.  30degrees?  Phew, hope that’s not too hot for the husband though.  Did I pack enough sun cream.  What if it changes and I don’t come back with a hint of a tan….etc etc).
  • As a blanket on the plane (mainly the wriggly toddler).
  • Trusty comforter for our first night in a new room (I really needn’t have bothered packing spare bedding, I really should have trusted that the hotel would put clean sheets on the cot)
  • To snuggle on the sun lounger (if you have a toddler who actually snoozes on a sun lounger, then be very smug – we don’t have one of those, but luckily with a book there was momentarily some quiet time)
  • As a sun and wind shelter on a particularly ambitious beach walk.  With hindsight, I should have had my own muslin swaddle to stop the predicable wind / sun burnt shoulder situation.  Lesson learnt.  The toddler was fine; mummy and daddy a bit pink by the end of the day.
  • As a wipe, flannel, towel, tea towel in MANY instances.  Too many to remember.
  • To swaddle her own cuddly dog – new game, put the cuddly toy in the pushchair, tuck it in, and then insist on walking, slowly, everywhere.  Fine with us, it just meant it took us slightly longer than pre-baby holidays to get to the bar.
  • To hide the many, many bananas we sneaked from the breakfast buffet.  Seriously, we have a banana mad toddler, she can sniff them out at a 100 meters (but not, it turns out, when they are hidden underneath a muslin)
  • As a shield on our balcony, to hide the fact we were on holiday but still watching films on our iPad, rather than playing cards or romantically chatting the nights away.  Nope – film nights (with drinks smuggled surreptitiously from the bar) were mainly how we spent our evenings.

Given all this, my second top tip of what to pack; a little bottle of travel hand wash.  Our muslin swaddle went through a LOT on holiday.  Luckily every night it had a quick wash and dried in no time at all.

Travelling with toddler lark.  Easy peasy*

And if you need any more inspiration, we have some lovely muslin swaddles up on our website, including the fabulous London Print designs from Piccalilly and the beautiful bold prints from Lucy & Sam.

 Yellow Star London Bus changing guards AL3A4172-Edit AL3A4169-Edit

 Happy holidaying.



*Just remember the snacks.  Lots of snacks, especially cereal for the plane, this was a brilliant tip – it somehow takes them longer to eat.  I took these delicious Bear Alphabites.  Tastes lovely, with no added nonsense, so I didn’t feel too guilty feeding my child dry cereal 🙂